Forte Ranch
Santa Barbara, CA

About Forte Ranch

Forte Ranch is a condominium community with 137 units and 9 different floor plans. As the exclusive sales agent for the community, Bob Croisdale has sold each unit at least once. Having been in the real estate business since 1977, he has seen the cyclical changes in the market and has learned to evaluate the present condition of the Santa Barbara real estate market. To date, he has been involved in 176 selling transactions at Forte Ranch. In addition Bob has served on the Forte Ranch Board of Directors for over 12 years , so he is intimately familiar with the community development plans, rules, regulations and home owners association (HOA). In other words, he knows all about the neighborhood. If you have any questions about life in the Forte Ranch community, your current or potential residence there, there is no other person who is more qualified to answer your questions than Bob Croisdale.

Recent Properties Sold

Forte Ranch Santa Barbara

4672 Gerona Way

SOLD - $785,000

Plan 2

34735 Greenway, Santa Barbara

4735 Greenway

SOLD - $790,000

Plan 1

4664 Gerona Way

4664 Gerona Way

SOLD - $800,000

Plan 3


For all Forte Ranch questions contact Bob Croisdale at [] or [(805)452-7543].